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making it EASIER to

Lose less cash.

lose less cash (3)
dts helps you

Keep tabs on your cash.

From store to bank or vault and back again, keep your cash where it belongs. 

  • Create and track deposits.
  • Place and oversee change order fulfillment. 
  • Integrate smart safes for optimized service. 
  • Spend less time making more money.

Because keeping your cash

should be the easy part. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let "where's my cash?" be your last unanswered question. 

How much does DTSConnex cost?

DTS develops bespoke solutions to meet each customer's needs, therefore pricing depends on solutions used and vary from customer to customer. Typically, we bill a "per month per location" fee. Our most common customer complaint?

"You should be charging us at least three times this amount."

We'll take it. 

What does DTS stand for?

Originally, DTS stood for "deposit tracking system."

As our solutions expanded to meet a variety of cash issues, we wanted to move away from just being known for deposit tracking while retaining brand recognition.

We are now known mostly as "DTS Connex," and we take seriously our role as connectors: between merchants and banks, banks and couriers, customers and cash insights, and more. 

What does it look like to get started with DTSConnex?

We'd love to help you keep tabs on your cash. 

Once you schedule a demo with one of our small team of experts, we'll advise you on which DTSConnex solutions will best solve your cash headaches. 

After that, we'll set you up with a demo environment and invite you and your team to test drive your DTS experience.

Next, you'll pilot DTSConnex with selected locations, and after the pilot period concludes, we'll roll out DTSConnex to all selected locations. 

DTS seeks to make complicated cash challenges simple, and we try to do the same with our onboarding process. The DTS team will guide you through every step of the onboarding process to get you on the path to losing less cash.  

"Every company has a unique story and unique issues. I think the thing about DTS, is they’re willing to mold their technology and processes and products around your story."

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Michael Deakyne

Treasury Director, MyEyeDr.